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Annual General Meeting

With the investment statements mailed out in mid-January, shareholders receive in the same package the Opening of the Nomination Process memorandum for the election of two directors at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Annual General Meetings are held within four months following the end of the CRCD’s fiscal year. At least 21 days before the meeting date, each shareholder receives a notice of meeting, a form of proxy, the candidates’ profiles and the General Bylaws, where applicable.

Transaction notice

Investors receive a transaction notice at the address indicated on the subscription or redemption form within 30 days following the transaction.

Changes in share price

Our share price is set twice a year, on December 31 and June 30, and published within 90 days following those dates. The share price becomes effective immediately on adoption by CRCD’s Board of Directors. While a maximum period of 90 days is permitted, the new share price is typically announced earlier, in mid-February and mid-August.

Investment statements

Each year, investment statements for the periods ended February 28/29 and August 31 are sent out to all shareholders in mid-March and mid-September, respectively. This statement serves as a share certificate.

Tax slips

Shareholders who purchase shares receive a Relevé 26 for income tax purposes. Slips are sent at the end of February for purchases made before December 31 and at the end of March for purchases made in January or February.

Shareholders who make a redemption during the year receive a T5008 / Relevé 18 detailing their securities transaction for income tax purposes.

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