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About our manager

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Desjardins Capital, a subsidiary of Desjardins Group, is a development and venture capital fund manager. With its many partners that include the Québec government, CRCD, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Desjardins Group and other economic actors in the province, Desjardins Capital invests through its managed funds.

With nearly 45 years of experience in the entrepreneurial market and some 20 business offices, Desjardins Capital is present in all regions of Québec. More than a financial partnership, it provides companies access to a business network and management expertise to accompany them through their growth and expansion stages and facilitate transfers, buyouts, mergers, acquisitions and initial public offerings.

CRCD has awarded responsibility for all management and operations duties to Desjardins Capital under a management agreement incorporating the following main areas:

Management and operations

  • Strategic plan and annual update
  • Investment strategy and asset allocation
  • Capitalization plan
  • Annual budget and business plans
  • Litigation management
  • Overall risk management program
  • Annual communication and marketing plans
  • Government and regulatory relationships

Asset management

  • Soliciting, evaluating and submitting for approval investment and divestment projects and proactive management of investments impacting the Québec economy
  • Managing liquidities and other investments
  • Complying with regulatory and concentration standards

Capital management

  • Coordinating implementation of the structure required for the annual capital raising campaign
  • Developing the share offering strategy
  • Overseeing proper execution of the share offering
  • Coordinating shareholder relations services, redemptions and purchases by agreement
  • Overseeing maintenance of the shareholder register for the administration of transactions
  • Coordinating the preparation and filing of regulatory documents


  • Filling the position of Chief Financial Officer
  • Maintaining accounting books and records
  • Evaluating investments semi-annually
  • Producing continuous disclosure and regulatory documents
  • Producing reports and documents required by authorities
  • Providing certifications

Other services

  • Corporate secretary services
  • Compliance
  • Asset custodianship