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Support for technological innovations

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CRCD supports innovative enterprises that often face special challenges in starting up or expanding. We provide long-term support for startup or phase one development companies across Québec, particularly those involving technological or industrial innovation that capitalize on new uses for existing technologies or new technologies. At CRCD, we also support Québec innovation successors.

We invest in dynamic and promising SMEs in all regions that are strongly committed to creating long-term value to drive local economies.

To provide greater support for these SMEs to expand their reach, CRCD’s manager collaborates with a variety of different partners located in many Québec regions to create significant leverage for driving its mission. We bring an entire technology ecosystem to your SME. To learn more

The range of projects we support grows with your development stage and target markets:

  • Startup, development and expansion
  • Working capital needs
  • Financial strengthening
  • Certification for a standard
  • Other projects with prospects for creating medium-term value and economic spinoffs for Québec

Eligible business sectors

All sectors that drive the development of technological or industrial innovation are supported, such as:

  • Leading-edge manufacturing
  • Manufacture of equipment or specialized components
  • Information and telecommunications technology
  • Clean technologies
  • Industrial technologies
  • Medical or nutraceutical equipment

Our investment criteria

Primarily businesses with the following characteristics:

  • A competent and dynamic management team
  • A significant market or with the potential of developing a significant market in the short or medium term and certain barriers to entry exist
  • Management and shareholders who share the same growth objectives and strategies

Our support financing solutions

Our investment strategy combines patient capital with external high-level expertise in the company’s industry of operation. With it, we aim to accelerate development of your business and improve its chances for success to reach international scale and create jobs for Québec.

The initial amounts we invest generally range from $200,000 to $5 million depending on your plans and the financial package they require.

For startups, we favour phased disbursement based on performance milestones set out in the company’s business plan. In general, we prefer rounds of investment covering at least 18 months of an innovative enterprise’s financial needs (including disbursement of the performance-related milestone amounts).

Equity interest in the business

Rather than relying only on borrowing and in order to optimize your financial leverage, CRCD offers financial packages that include an equity interest. Through patient capital, CRCD can maintain a partnership for periods that generally range from 5 to 15 years. A well-capitalized SME can more easily navigate tough spots such as the loss of a contract, decreases in profitability, increases in raw materials costs, etc.

Convertible subordinated debt

Subordinated debt is a good fit for startup companies at a stage of development where value is difficult to assess. Convertible subordinated debt is a loan that will later be transferred to the company’s share capital based on predetermined conditions. For companies that have not yet reached the commercialization stage and therefore have no income, this type of flexible financing allows the use of the entire capital loan to complete a development project.

But a financial package can also combine elements of both types of financing.