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SME governance

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SMEs are a leading driver of socio-economic development in Québec. They grow constantly in both value and number. Yet, their business environment is also increasingly complex with competition ever tighter and business risk exposures on the rise. Striving to maintain high levels of integrity—the basis of its strong relationships of trust with its multiple stakeholders, CRCD has developed a governance model in which the Board of Directors plays a key role in the growth and sustainability of Québec businesses.

Working in conjunction with its manager, CRCD applies this approach to its share capital investments by offering investees personalized guidance in putting in place an entrepreneurial governance structure tailored to their reality.

Why should small businesses be equipped with a board of directors?

A number of studies have shown that SMEs with a board of directors or an advisory committee enjoy stronger growth and better financial performance.

The board of directors keeps business continuity and the company’s best interests firmly in view. Together with management, the board must focus on driving business growth and value creation. This means that management administers operations while the board exercises management oversight, providing leadership with:

  • A broader view of business issues that allows the business to innovate and avoid operating in silos
  • A strategic planning process detached from day-to-day management obligations
  • Different knowledge sets and diversified business experience derived from an external network
  • New business opportunities
  • Informed advice given that corporate directors are held accountable for their decisions

Creating an advisory committee can also be a good fit for entrepreneurs seeking to gather a team of professionals with the right expertise and abilities to, for instance, advise them on strategic planning and key business decisions.

What can we do for you?

Leveraging its pool of over 200 corporate directors, CRCD’s manager provides investees with access to an extensive network of experienced, competent and engaged directors with a broad range of expertise in a large variety of industries. The director selection and appointment process involves carefully identifying the top director profiles available to achieve a better fit with each partner company’s specific needs and strategic issues.

CRCD’s manager delivers governance training to the directors it has vetted to serve CRCD’s partner companies, and provides them with a detailed director’s guide on the role, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, plus hands-on governance tools to facilitate, in particular, the organization of the board of directors.