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SME Equity

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The power of capital

Some entrepreneurs are reluctant to see share capital as a growth driver. They worry about opening up control of the business, so they often prefer borrowing. But a review of our portfolio has taught us that – over the long haul – well capitalized businesses perform better.

Equity investments provide greater flexibility and agility at every growth stage and, more importantly, greater power to:

  • Quickly seize market opportunities
  • Make acquisitions
  • Expand internationally
  • Grow productivity
  • Secure business longevity

The strength of support

But the true strength of capital is that it always means new blood. In fact, a financial partner offers strategic support you can rely on time and again — networking, expertise, value creation and guidance. A wealth of advantages to support and sustain entrepreneurs facing the challenges of expansion.

CEOs of small and medium enterprises alike all need downtime to come up with ways to spur business growth. That’s where the advice of experts in your industry, of development specialists or governance professionals can be such an asset.

Reflecting our entrepreneurial approach, we’ve crafted our equity offering to cater to needs of less than $5 million. A flexible, faster and learner formula tailored to your requirements and the special needs of SMEs. Capitalizing your business has never been so simple. .

Contact our Investment Manager in your region to learn more about our unique SME Equity offering