To value and nurture the best of Québec entrepreneurship

An affinity for SMEs

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At CRCD, we and our manager have a real affinity for SMEs. Our ambition: to help entrepreneurs make their dreams come true, growing collective wealth for Québec.

Committed and present across all regions, we bring SMEs and cooperatives a comprehensive team of some 80 development capital professionals. We have investments in over 430 companies. Québec’s business transfer leader, we’ve proudly helped over 250 companies make a smooth transition.

The SMEs we partner with chose us because we share the same values and vision:

  • Committing to long-term partnerships
  • Maintaining Québec ownership
  • Securing business longevity
  • Helping to drive vitality in every region

Driving a variety of initiatives

  • SMEs in a range of industries and sizes
  • Transferring and successor entrepreneurs
  • Women leaders
  • Innovative enterprises
  • Young farmers
  • Cooperatives

Making the entrepreneurial dream come true

  • Consolidating or growing market share
  • Acquiring other businesses
  • Conquering new markets
  • Preparing for succession and ensuring longevity
  • Engaging management and employees to drive growth
  • Creating and retaining jobs
  • Contributing to regional economies

Meeting financial needs

  • Minority or majority interest
  • Subordinated debt or share capital
  • Transfer or buyout
  • With or without management or employee involvement

What people are saying about us…

“When you’re a young entrepreneur, you often don’t have the cash flow, the money you need. So what this allowed us to do was to make our first big deal to acquire a business rather than starting from scratch.”
Francis Provencher, Vice-president, Agence de sécurité Mirado, Rouyn-Noranda

“ It was important for me to acquire the whole store. That became possible through the Caisse de depot et placement du Québec and CRCD who referred us to other professionals to walk us through the entire transfer process. They gave us a timeline across the various steps and a better picture of where we were going. 

Francis Gravel, President, Alimentation Francis Gravel Inc., Clermont

“What we were really proud about was knowing that we were able to keep the business here in Québec and continue growing it for the future, and with a partner that’s a homegrown Québecer just like us.”

Alain Brasseur, President and CEO, Sherbrooke OEM, Sherbrooke

“And this year, we’ve just made a third transaction for CIF Métal to buy back a block of voting shares from Desjardins to serve us – management shareholders – a bigger piece of the pie… that gives management even more incentive.”

Jean Marcoux, President and General Manager, C.I.F. Métal, Thetford Miness

“I decided to hand the reins to them when there was a majority shareholder to stand in for me that would guarantee Industries Fournier’s continuity. It was just absolutely vital that my people didn’t look at tomorrow with trepidation.”

Renaud Fournier, Former President and Founder, Industries Fournier, Thetford Mines

“With Desjardins, we knew things would only get better and better, by putting together a majority position with Desjardins we could continue to be entrepreneurs.”

Harold Roy, président, Industries Fournier, Thetford Mines

“The most important thing is really to go with the people you think are going to be the best fit, that you can work with over the years to come. So, to go with your heart, with your head, but in the end, to go with your feelings about people.”

Emmanuel Duchesne, President and General Manager, Exo-s, Sherbrooke

“To my mind, Desjardins is the ideal partner. It’s a partner that supports management, that takes a very long-term view of its investment, and that’s able to react very quickly to business opportunities.”

Pierre Marcouiller, Chairman and CEO, Camoplast Solideal, Magog