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In collaboration with the Québec government, CRCD and our manager in 2005 created Desjardins – Innovatech, a dedicated fund for innovative enterprises.


To fulfil its mission, Desjardins – Innovatech partners with other technology players — specialized investment funds, entrepreneurs, angel investors, technology enterprise accelerators — thereby providing even greater outreach to SMEs with promising outlooks and the potential to drive job creation and economic development.

Desjardins – Innovatech collaborates mainly with industry accelerators located in various Québec regions to create significant leverage for driving its mission. The fund seeks primarily to finance pre-startup innovative enterprises (emerging stage) in partnership with accelerators/incubators that provide support and high-level expert consulting services in a stimulating environment to better steer an enterprise’s development strategies and guide it to its first sales.

la Société de la Vallée de l’aluminium

An aluminum industry leader in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region, Société de la Vallée de l’aluminium incubates and grows aluminum processing and specialized equipment manufacturing enterprises to drive economic development and help create and retain sustainable jobs in the Vallée de l’aluminium®.

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Campus des technologies de la santé

Campus des technologies de la santé stimulates the momentum of the medical devices sector and actively participates in regional development dynamics in the areas of healthcare technologies. Its mission is to ensure the development and sustainability of enterprises in the medical technologies sector and to enhance their national and international exposure.

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With over 25 years of experience with innovation companies and more than 35 active advisors, Inno-centre is one of the major players specializing in advisory services for innovation SMEs in Canada. Inno-centre was recognized as one of Canada’s outstanding accelerators by a committee of venture capital specialists engaged by Finance Canada to conduct the selection process for the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP).

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Espace-INC is an entrepreneurial living space and startup accelerator located in Sherbrooke.

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Launched in March 2011, ACET (Accélérateur de création d’entreprises technologiques) has been devoted to selecting, training and supporting start-up technology-based companies, creating high quality jobs and transforming projects into businesses which will support a knowledge-based economy. By growing viable and sustainable enterprises and independent entrepreneurs in our regions, ACET helps create wealth and value.

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In 2012, CRCD helped set up Emerillon Capital with the support of France’s Crédit Mutuel and Desjardins – Innovatech. This fund brings together a Franco-Canadian team whose expertise and resources will serve to guide technology companies towards promising, high-potential growth markets.

Emerillon Capital

Emerillon Capital supports and develops early development stage technology enterprises in promising, strong growth technology sectors primarily in Québec but with high potential for Europe.

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In this type of partnership, Desjardins – Innovatech acts as a patient investor, building bridges to sources of high-level expertise, such as Anges Québec, that can provide practical support for these SMEs over the long term.

Anges Québec

The mission of Anges Québec is to allow angel investors to make profitable investments in innovative enterprises in a wide range of industries across all regions of Québec. To do this, Anges Québec identifies the best entrepreneurs and business projects and supports the members who finance them.

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Drawing on this vast technology ecosystem, Desjardins – Innovatech is able to respond to the many challenges facing SMEs that, depending on where they are in their lifecycle — seed, prototype, startup, growth, expansion or transfer — need a variety of different types of support, both strategic and financial.